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of Robin White Star


The Tenets of the Beauty Way Path

1. How does one learn the teachings of your tradition? I was first introduced to native teachings through several books - "The Medicine Cards" by Jamie Sams and David Carson, "The Sacred Path Cards" by Jamie Sams and "The Thirteen...

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Plumbing the depths of my feelings and experiences about what and who is the shelter in my life amidst the sorrow, grief, guilt, anger, fear, judgment, loneliness, confusion that can be a part of all of our lives – is a healing a...

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So many of the Native teachings, stories and traditions involve generosity - true generosity of the heart and spirit, not only in the form of being generous with our physical possessions, but also with our time, friendship, love, c...

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Living in Peace

2009 was the Year of Living in Peace and to do that we needed to look at the ways we are violent with ourselves. When my teacher, Will Rockingbear (Cherokee) first told me I was violent, I have to admit I was bewildered - I wasn't ...

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Green Spirituality

"Oh, Mother Earth, beautiful and bountiful mother, we are so grateful to you for our lives. Thank you for the good way you nourish and sustain us, for the life-giving waters that fall upon us, for the winds that bring us new season...

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What most attracts you to your chosen path? Back in 1988 when I asked Spirit for a new spiritual path, I requested a path that was more earth-based and honoring of the feminine than what I had been working with through the Inner P...

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FEAR - False Evidence Appearing Real

FEAR:- False Evidence Appearing Real. This is one of the teachings of Rabbit - to look at fear in a different light, a light that shows it for what fear is, an illusion. In the Cherokee teachings, Rabbit is a trickster and fear is a tricky teacher. L...

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