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2022 Dreaming Circle

Dreaming Ourselves Awake

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What are you calling into your life? What is the gift you have to offer at this emerging time? Each circle is an opportunity to dream your life anew, forging a joyful Soul Path that excites, heals and fulfills your deepest guidance.

Our Soul Desires are becoming more insistent, seeking validation, requesting acknowledgment. It's a sense that we can't put our Heart's desires on the back burner any longer. Our inner promptings are directing us to become and celebrate the gift that we are here to share!

Together, we will dream ourselves awake to the expansive, limitless, coherent possibilities. We are all connected, vibrating the Crystal Spider Web by our requests and dreams.

In this Circle, you will:

  • refine and articulate your dream
  • create altars and follow dream symbols
  • strengthen your connection to Crystal Clarity
  • dream while awake, journeying with the Drum
  • dream for yourself and others in collaboration
  • open yourself to synchronicity, miracles and magic
  • give/receive encouragement to be your most courageous self

Each Circle encompasses 4 gatherings via Zoom
within a quadrant of the Solar Calendar


Winter, North, Wind, Tuesdays
January 11th
February 1st
February 22nd
March 15th

Spring, East, Fire, Sundays
April 3rd
April 24th
May 15th
June 5th

Summer, South, Earth, Mondays
July 11th
August 1st
August 22nd
September 12th

Autumn, West, Water, Thursdays
September 29th
October 10th
November 10th
December 1st

Please visit our EVENTS page for dates, times and to register. If the Circle you are interested in is not available, please sign up for our newsletter to be informed of its availability and directions to register. The form is at the bottom of each page.

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