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We accept healing requests to assist you on your healing journey. We ask that you fully participate in your own healing. We see healing as an opportunity to bring ourselves into balance - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Pain or dis-ease in the body is simply to alert us that something is out of balance. We ask that before you submit a request that you do the following exercise with your body to forge a connection so you can listen to your body and spirit in what they have to say about the imbalance you are experiencing.

Sit quietly with no distractions (telephone turned off, etc.) and focus on your breathing. Take deep breaths through your nose and exhale through your mouth. You may play soothing music or drumming to aid in your relaxation if you desire. Once you feel relaxed and centered, ask your body, "What is the message I need to be aware of about ______________________ (whatever the pain, ailment, dis-ease or condition) so that I may return to a state of balance and health." Then listen. The answer will come promptly, almost instantaneously, in one of the following ways - an inner picture or symbol, an inner thought or word, an inner knowing, or a gut-level feeling. If the answer is general, continue asking for more details or more information until you feel complete. Then tell your body what you are willing to do in response to the information you've received.

Make an agreement with yourself and then keep your word. It is a process and you will need to continue checking with your body as you travel along your healing path.

For example, a woman asked her body to give her a message regarding the pre-cancerous cells that were showing up in her breast. Her body responded by saying that she needed a deeper connection to it, to not ignore it, to take better care of it, to nurture herself more, not to put herself last all the time. When she asked if there was any more information, her body responded that it would like for her to quit smoking, to exercise regularly and to begin a more balanced eating regime. She stated that she was willing to do these things. When she submitted her healing request, she stated what she was willing to do in response to her body's requests and then requested that we send her healing energy for her upcoming surgery to be successful in getting out all the pre-cancerous cells, that she heal quickly and easily and that all go smoothly.

If you wish to submit a healing request to the Healing Circle, please follow these guidelines:

***IMPORTANT*** These requests need to be for yourself. We do not accept requests for others unless you are the parent or guardian of a child under the age of 12 or if the person is unable to voice their own request (i.e. comatose or emergency trauma). Each person must request the healing they want. The healing work we do does not involve "fixing" something for someone as we don't believe anyone is truly broken - just temporarily out of balance! Death is sometimes part of the healing process of the soul and so we will not interfere if it is someone's divine plan to leave their physical body and cross over to the spirit world. We can assist with that process so the crossing is tranquil and without fear.

1. State what your body is requesting and what you are willing to do for your healing.

2. Be as specific as possible in your request. It is helpful if you do not label or specifically name the ailment or dis-ease. Once you do, your body will do it's best to own or claim that label or name, keeping the symptoms going because, after all, it's yours! Just state what you are experiencing or the symptoms, i.e., difficulty breathing, tight chest, unable to breathe deeply, or congestion, instead of naming it "my asthma" or saying "I have allergies", etc.

Example 1. "In regards to an upcoming surgery, I request that I wake up feeling great, have a quick and uneventful recovery, that the surgery is 100% successful and that anything else I need to do for my healing and health be revealed to me easily and with gentleness."

Example 2. "I request a healing for the pain in my _________________. I have checked with my body and it requests ___________________ and I am willing to do ____________________. My request is that I no longer have pain, that the inflammation subsides, that I have full recovery and use of my body and that I can move easily so I can do what I need to do for myself, my family and my work."

Example 3. "I request information to heal my lungs of inflammation and congestion. I have asked my body what it needs to return to balance and it says that I have unshed tears and unexpressed grief. I request that you look and see what I need to do to best release this grief (I don't specifically know what the grief is about - it's just a general grief about life) and how to express it in a way that my lungs return to full health and balance."

3. We need your permission to enter your spiritual life so we can do the healing work you are requesting. The permission is just for the healing request. If you submit another request we would need your permission again for that request.

4. Supply your email address if you want to receive feedback regarding your request. If there is no feedback, you will not receive a reply. All requests are given to the Healing Circle.

5. State your Gratitudes - every day - for the healing that is manifesting in your life!

6. We appreciate hearing about how you are doing in your healing. Your stories are important. So let us know how you are doing and what you are experiencing in your healing journey.

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