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Wall of Gratitude

at Flower Eagle Medicine Lodge

Being in a state of Gratitude is the way we pray. By stating our Gratitudes for what we are experiencing in our life and for what we are calling into our life, we magnetize our future, bringing into manifestation the reality we desire.

State your Gratitude in the present tense, even if it hasn't yet manifested physically in your life. This is the way we create the life we wish to live. In other words, when I was calling for my soul companion to come into my life, I said, "Great Spirit, I am so grateful for this man in my life! I'm grateful that he has done all the work he needs to do in order for us to be together in a good way and I'm so grateful that I have done all the work I need to do in order for us to be together in a good way."

By my gratitude, I was acknowledging that he was a part of my life, even though I couldn't yet see him physically. This is a most powerful way to pray, to transform your life. It's fun to hear Gratitudes in this way because you really can't tell whether the person is stating their Gratitude, say for abundance, because they have so much abundance in their life already, or whether they are magnetizing their abundance to manifest physically, or both! So say your Gratitudes every day! Call your life into being the life you want to live!

Add your own Gratitude to the Gratitude Wall. Come back often to keep adding your Gratitudes!

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