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2024: The Year of

Immersing in the Beauty of Unconditional Love


The Energetics of 2024

In 2024, we embark on a 7 year odyssey of re-membering unconditional love within ourselves and outwardly into all our interactions in the world. Specifically we will be Immersing in the Beauty of Unconditional Love with the Allies of Sea Turtle and Aventurine. In the coming years we will be assisted by other allies with unique energetics for each year.

This immersion is a baptism into Unconditional Love, as deep and wide as our oceans and as vast and limitless as our Cosmos. It is a frequency not often experienced due to domestication and programming throughout the centuries into blame, shame, guilt, remorse, judgment, revenge and separation from each other as two-leggeds and from every member of the Planetary Family. However, it is our natural state as Beings of Light and Intelligence.

What does it mean to love without conditions? For ourselves and others? How do we hold this frequency when we are in the midst of hatred, fear and exploitative energies? Sea Turtle is willing to swim us down to our personal reservoir of soul experiences we have had throughout eons of time to re-member the exquisite beauty of pure love with no expectations, no ego gratification, simply loving and celebrating life for the sake of life. She is the eternal life force, opening a portal within our hearts, to drop old beliefs and swim with our own true soul knowings.

Aventurine activates the heart chakra to enhance our perception and stimulates creativity. Through this immersion into the watery womb of creation, healing increases and the "healing light of the heart washes everything in its path with original love."

We are re-organizing our world with these energies as we celebrate the deep truths of life with the gift of unconditional love for ourselves and all of life.

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