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In this section of the website, you will find many wonderful tools and opportunities to bring yourself back into balance - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Please click on the offerings below for more information.

Healing Requests

We accept healing requests to assist you on your healing journey.

Soul Retrieval

Do you feel that something is missing inside? Have you been searching for something your whole life but don't really know what you are looking for? Do you know you have a mission but you don't know what it is or how to do it? Please see the details on Soul Retrieval.

Twin Heart Dreaming

The Twin Heart Dreaming is a ceremony gifted by the 13 Original Clan Mothers to help those who wish to heal their hearts of old pain, hurts, fears of intimacy, emotional numbness, and/or grief.

Cutting Ceremony

The Cutting Ceremony identifies and severs any attachments or energy cords between you and another being, whether in a physical body or in the spirit world, that are in place for the purpose of draining energy from you.

Calling Ceremony

Who do you want to call into your life as a soul companion, partner, lover, friend, spouse? This ceremony helps you create the clarity necessary to draw you and your soul companion together.

Intentional Healing

Intentional Healing is a clear-channel healing process where divine healing energy is directed for a specific physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual healing request.

Intuitive Reading

As a trained Seer, able to travel in the Spirit World with my Spirit Guides and Totems, I can look and see what is really going on with any given situation that you are experiencing in your life.

Animal Totems

Discover who your animal totems are, how they assist you and the medicine or teachings they carry.


This ceremony is appropriate for spaces, home or business, individuals or families during Rites of Passage, changes and transformations, healing, new endeavors, and/or trips. We first purify the existing energies and then call in peaceful, harmonious energies.

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Blessing of and Reading from
Calling From the Heart
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