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True Discernment Intensive

This intensive session is designed to streamline your communication with your Spirit Guides/Guardian Angels in order to receive more accurate, insightful information through the spiritual perceptions of Intuition (Clairaudience), Feeling (Clairsentience), Vision (Clairvoyance) and Prophecy (Inner Knowing). Through training and practice, we can unfold our innate psychic abilities to a deeper level, utilizing these perceptions in a more conscious way in our life. We can learn to go beyond the personal ego which filters or colors our impressions so we can truly trust that what we are picking up is "right." We can create a clear link even when emotionally invested in the outcome, fearful or experiencing panic or confusion. Learn to become a "hollow bone" to allow your spiritual sensitivity to clearly surface when you need it most.

You receive two profiles: The Personal Energy Profile and the Innate Potentials Profile which work together to give you a more complete understanding of who you are as a spiritual being, of how to live in two worlds at the same time - the visible (physical) and invisible (spiritual) worlds.

1. The Personal Energy Profile highlights how you work with your innate radar system - the aura or energy field emanating from your physical body - to protect yourself and filter your spiritual sensitivity; to what degree your sensitivity is unfolded at this time; how you distribute your energies and in what areas of your life you experience more stress. You will learn the "Spiritual Cleansing Technique," essential for spiritual protection, attunement and purification.

2. The Innate Potentials Profile pinpoints the order of your psychic perceptions and the degree each is unfolded to at this time, how many Spirit Helpers you have this lifetime, areas in which your Spirit Helpers assist you; and information pertaining to your Life Thrust. You will learn the "Two-Way Checking Technique" to recheck what you are picking up through your spiritual/psychic perceptions with your Spirit Guides. When we have this crystal clear communication we can truly discern any dream, vision, feeling, message, or inner knowing.

This Intensive is 4 hours, offered to small groups of up to 10 people and scheduled periodically by request. The sliding fee of $95 - $125 is payable in advance when you pre-register. I need your full name and permission to go into your spiritual life in order to fill out the Profile Information ahead of time. You take home your profiles and related information and begin working with the techniques in your daily life. After completing this Intensive, you may participate in any others for review purposes on a gifting basis. After 6 months of working with the Spiritual Cleansing and Two-Way Checking Techniques, you may attend True Discernment, Part II which (1) explores the deeper applicability and practicality of these techniques in your daily life, (2) unfolds your spiritual/psychic perceptions to a deeper degree, and (3) refines the nuances of crystal clear communication with your Higher Self and your Spirit Guides.

If you would like to register for this intensive, please fill out the form below to contact White Star.

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