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Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval is an ancient and powerful ceremony for personal healing and wholeness. In this ceremony pieces of the soul that may have broken off due to a trauma, illness or accident, or that were taken without permission, are found in the Spirit World and returned to you so that you are once again a complete, whole being. We don't know for sure if there is soul loss until we go and look and that's not done until we are in the Ceremony.

Some of the feelings expressed by people who have had soul loss - that something is missing inside; searching for something their whole life but not really knowing what it is they are searching for; feeling that there is something for them to do this lifetime but they can't quite grasp what it is; or they know what their purpose or mission is but don't know how to do it. Sometimes there are pervasive feelings of sadness, hopelessness, grief or anger that cannot be pinpointed to any certain event but never go completely away no matter how well life is going at the moment. Many people have a sense that something is missing but don't know that these pieces can be retrieved and returned.

It's somewhat like a committee coming together to plan and execute a big event but the people who have the most knowledge and experience don't show up. The rest of the committee muddles through and does the best they can, eventually getting it done. But think how much easier and richer the event would be if the parts that knew how to do it were there to fully participate.

A piece of the soul may leave due to trauma - either a physical accident or illness or an emotional trauma involving fear, hurt, guilt, and/or shame. Or a piece can be taken if you were spiritually unprotected and vulnerable to soul loss. Sometimes a person can unwittingly give a piece of themselves away, thinking that this form of self-sacrifice will heal someone else or that it proves how much they love someone. But this is not the case. You only hurt yourself and the one to whom you have given a piece of yourself because it never fits correctly.

During the Soul Retrieval, the more "nothing" you do the better! I go into the Invisible, Spirit World to see if you have pieces missing, traveling on the beat of the drum. Your responsibility during the ceremony is to stay in your body, opening yourself to create a space for the missing pieces to return home. After the pieces are returned and blown back into you, you will talk with each piece to gain a clear understanding of what they want you to do in your life so they can stay with you.

The Soul Retrieval Ceremony is a life-changing healing with ongoing integration work. To be whole once again after learning to adapt to a handicap, and be handicapped no more, is truly the greatest gift you can give yourself. After the Soul Retrieval Ceremony, your work begins by keeping your word with the pieces that have come back. Often the pieces of yourself that have return asked for a commitment on your part to be true to yourself, to live with love and joy, to drop the limitations of fear, guilt and suffering. These pieces have not been embodied for a long time, sometimes from the time you were born! So they are more purely spirit, just like a newborn or toddler. They have incredible amounts of energy, clarity, wisdom and spiritual understanding of who you are and what you are here to do. 

Your old language, the way you have always thought and talked about yourself may need to change because you have other abilities, skills and viewpoints available to you now. Once you are reunited with these pieces of your soul, you are standing in such a powerful place - one that you haven't felt for a very long time. For some people, their pieces integrate quickly and they can feel that power immediately. They walk out of the ceremony knowing and feeling in the depths of their being that they are a different being than when they came in. Others take a bit longer to integrate the retrieved pieces, gradually experiencing a deepening in their life, adding an array of possibilities and return to clarity that wasn't there before.

Remember, this ceremony isn't a magic pill to "fix" your life or problems, rather it returns you to the whole and complete being that is the real you. Now all of you can do the healing work you need to do on yourself with greater ease, joy and understanding. This ceremony is dangerous work - you could end up happy!

If you would like to schedule a soul retrieval, please click here to visit our Soul Retrieval page in Events.

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