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2023: The Year of

Unwinding the Illusion of Time and Space

Allies: DRAGONfly and Labradorite

Welcome to the fourth petal of the delicious and soul nurturing journey we’ve on with the Guardians and Messengers of the Dreamtime!

We now enter into and live our true birthright as Beings of Light and Unconditional Love, moving at the speed of our unique Soul Desire and Gifts. Remembering our true natures fully and completely, “Unwinding the Illusion of Time and Space” naturally occurs with each breath, each heartbeat. Calling on the multi-dimensionality and timeless vision of DRAGONfly, and the healing energies of clear visioning and seeing beyond the physical of Labradorite, we have all the assistance we need. As we unwind the limitations and ignorance that have shaped our perceptions of time and space, believing we were separate and alone, from each other, from all the beings of the Planetary Family and from Source – the Matrix of All that Is, we awaken from the Trance of Separation. Being in community will be helpful so we can remind each other to keep seeing the reality of true connection and coherent radiance all around us as this unwinding is evolving for us personally and collectively.

With clear vision and connection to our true natures as multi-dimensional beings, the half-truths and lies, distortions and illusions fall away, revealing deeper truths and the innate beauty of creation. Like DRAGONfly, we will again zoom, swoop and spiral in and out of these different dimensions and states of beingness with grace and ease, empowerment and inclusion, unconditional acceptance and a deeper ability to share our gifts and talents in the celebration of Life celebrating Life. Let’s meet in the shimmering Black Light of Creation in every dimension as we joyfully dance our lives into Being.

2020 -- We began in 2020 with the energetic signature of “Dancing the Spiral of Light and Dark” with Swan and Seashell – where we welcomed in a renewed relationship with Harmony, Equality and the mutual benefit found within the interplay of Light (sun, star and reflected moon lights) and Dark (black, shimmering, fabric of the universe light) dancing with the grace and ease of Swan medicine and the natural spiraling energy of Seashell.

2021 -- We next dove into “Catching the Waves of Coherent Radiance” in 2021 with the assistance of Dolphin and Obsidian, becoming more skillful in discerning and flowing with the waves of Unity, Wholeness and Radiance that are rolling in from the center of our Galaxy. Catching these galactic wave patterns, surfing them to the best of our ability and finding joy in the challenge of becoming more agile and fluid in our lives was greatly enhanced by the medicine of Dolphin in showing us how to joyfully ride the waves with our pod and the radiance found in the shimmering healing of Obsidian.

2022 -- We opened to the transcendence of “Dreaming in the Field of Expansive Possibilities” calling on Lizard medicine to naturally dream, daydream, muse and journey to experience a deeper soul reality along with Fluorite which enhancesd our ability to dream and become true Dreamers of the Realm with Open Hearts/Without Fear. As Dreamers of the Realm, we are dreaming the world into being with a fierce, farsighted, loving force for our home (Planet), community (Solar System) and city/state (Galaxy), becoming true citizens of multi-dimensionality.

This Field of Possibilities is in motion, ever evolving, birthing, releasing, and rebirthing in an endless act of co-creation. When we are living with an expansive open heart/open mind, we can “see” or experience the miracles that are ever present in this multi-dimensional field, calling in the magic to power a new reality for all members of this Planetary Family – humans, plants, stones, animals, eco-systems, microscopic, planetary, every being living in true reciprocity with mutual respect, tolerance and celebration of one another for our diverse and mutually necessary gifts. With the certainty of Lizard, knowing the reality of the situation rather than going with old patterns, habits, fears and generational beliefs, we help hold and anchor in this Expansive Field of Possibilities in our lives and for all our Beloveds – no matter their physical form – and for all the generations that came before us and all the generations that will come after our dance here in this Realm.

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