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  • How do I schedule an appointment?

    You can schedule through email White Star, or through calling 336/416-7553 to discuss the type of session or ceremony that would be most helpful to you and to schedule the appointment.  White Star will let you know how much time to allow for the session or ceremony, the physical address of Flower Eagle Medicine Lodge and any preparations you need to undertake beforehand.  Most individual appointments are scheduled Monday through Friday in the afternoons.  Circles and ceremonies are usually held in the evenings or on the weekend.  She makes every effort to schedule your appointment in a timely fashion.

  • What is the charge for a private session or ceremony?

    Because White Star works in a native, traditional way, she does not have a set fee or cost for the services she provides. However, monetary gifting is appropriate and appreciated.  This is the way that White Star feeds her family and earns her way in the world.  The amount you gift is your discernment to make and any and all amounts are received with equal gratitude.  Her teaching from her Elders is “I show up to do my work and the amount gifted for my time and expertise is between you and Spirit.”  To that end, there is a gifting bowl in the Lodge for your monetary gift for circles and larger ceremonies; otherwise it is also respectful to place your monetary gift from your hands to hers.  Cash is preferred but checks are acceptable, as well as PayPal and Venom.  Some creation ceremonies do have a set fee to pay for materials and some Circles do have a stated sliding scale.  These costs are outlined in the description of the Circle and Ceremony. If no fee is stated, then it is offered on a monetary gifting basis.

  • How do I join one of the Circles or Ceremonies?

    Contact White Star through email or phone 336/416-7553 with your request.  She will talk with you further about which of the Circles or Ceremonies would be best for you, if needed.  If you wish to join the Wednesday Healing Circle, she will arrange for you to visit once with a healing request and then you would make a formal tobacco request to join, with details on how to make a tobacco request given to you.  

  • Is it possible to physically present a healing request at the Wednesday Healing Circle?

    Even though the Wednesday Healing Circle frequently works with remote healing, it is always best to come in person whenever possible.  Contact White Star or one of the other healers beforehand to arrange the date and to receive instructions for preparation.

  • Are the individual sessions and healing requests kept confidential?

    Yes, absolutely.  All the healing and ceremonies work that you do with White Star and the other healers is completely confidential.  When you submit a healing request, you do need to supply your name but the information contained in your request is never revealed to anyone outside of the circle or for that matter, amongst the healers once the healing work is complete.  Your right to privacy regarding your healing journey is thoroughly respected.

  • How do I receive notice of upcoming events?

    Sign up for the monthly newsletter at the bottom of this page to receive information about upcoming events and teachings.  Your address will only ever be used for that purpose as it will never be shared or given to any mailing lists.

    If you prefer, check back often to the Events posted on the website.

If your question is not addressed above, please feel free to contact White Star below.

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