2020: The Year of

Dancing the Spiral of Light and Dark

Allies: Swan and Shiva Shell

Are you willing to actively engage and be in a more intimate relationship with the the Spiral of Life with its strands of Light and Dark — Solar Light and Black Cosmic Light?  Invoking love without fear?  Connecting to Source without compromise?  To be courageous and brave, guided by your inner spirit to allow yourself to transform into the brilliant, intelligent being of light that you are truly?  To play, laugh and dance with all the wildness, pureness, awe and wonder of a child?  To embrace both the light and the dark as infinite sources of healing, evolvement and oneness?

This year we are exploring or dancing with the interplay of Solar Light – from our sunstar and all the suns in the Starry Medicine Bowl and Black Light – the dark matter or dark energy that is the cosmic fabric or energy field between all objects. This Black Light is healing, energizing, soul activating and creates a portal for our consciousness to experience multi-dimensionality. All life grows in a spiral – even our bones! – and this spiral of light and dark energies flows in a helix just like our DNA. This is the DNA of the Soul and engenders compassion, co-creation and cooperation. Just as a child plays in order to create neural pathways, so too do we maintain our neural plasticity through creative engagement or dancing – physically and metaphorically. The fluid, feral feminine energies available to us now will help us co-create harmony, coherence and love in action.

Our Allies this year are Swan and Shiva Shell. Swan shows us how to accept the gift of grace, surrendering to the flow of life, and opening to our own infinite creative power in order to let go and transform into the beautiful, intelligent being of light that we truly are, with love and without fear. Shiva Shell helps us access the Field of Coherence as it holds the grace and strength of the spiraling shell as a portal for protection, growth, transformation and the art of becoming. This connection to Source flows with the will of water or liquid light -- fluid, agile, and with tensegrity which is the power or creative force that holds everything together.


Robin White Star, B.S., ALC-PC, Cht, is a shamanic healer, spiritual teacher, and author synthesizing Native American practices, self-empowerment ritual, and feminine spirituality. She currently teaches and has a healing practice through the Flower Eagle Medicine Lodge in her home in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  Her book, Calling from the Heart — an Invitation to Your Soul Companion  was published in 2017.

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White Star on the Spiritual Aspects of Death
2020: The Year of Dancing the Spiral of Light and Dark
Blessing of and Reading from
Calling From the Heart
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