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Native Circles and Ceremonies

at Flower Eagle Medicine Lodge

In this section of the website, you will find descriptions of teaching circles that are made available through Flower Eagle Medicine Lodge. Some are ongoing and meet monthly. Others are formed at specific times. Please click on the teaching circles below for more information. To see a current schedule of events, please visit our events page and sign up below for our newsletter to keep informed of upcoming events.

13 Original Clan Mothers Circle

Join us for an in-depth discovery and exploration of the 13 archetypal principles of the Feminine through the ancient teachings of the Native Sisterhood. Each month (13 Moons) is represented by a Clan Mother, sharing the challenges, lessons and growth we each experience as we move through the cycles of our life.

Dreaming Ceremony

Dreaming is our natural state of being, whether we are asleep or awake. Dreaming utilizes all our gifts, talents and abilities - we essentially COME ALIVE when we are dreaming, igniting and maintaining the flame of creation, hope and soul desire. This ceremony will help you become more skillful at lucid dreaming, active dreaming and manifestation through daydreams.


A Soul Healing Circle is an opportunity to heal and release souls who are stuck between the worlds and who are connected to you through past life and current life experiences. With this healing opportunity, past hurts, misunderstandings, need for revenge, betrayal, or unexpressed love, can be resolved, healed, forgiven and released.

Resonance Healing Ceremony

Resonance Healing is a form of soul healing where certain resonances of stuck thought forms and emotions are identified and released through sound activation and shamanic healing work done on the energetic level to repair damaged DNA.

True Discernment Intensive

This intensive session is designed to streamline your communication with your Spirit Guides/Guardian Angels in order to receive more accurate, insightful information through the spiritual perceptions of Intuition (Clairaudience), Feeling (Clairsentience), Vision (Clairvoyance) and Prophecy (Inner Knowing). Through training and practice, we can unfold our innate psychic abilities to a deeper level, utilizing these perceptions in a more conscious way in our life.

Wednesday Healing Circle

The Wednesday Healing Circle explores native spirituality and healing for healers who wish to be guided and trained in the shamanic traditions. This is a circle for healers to do their healing work within a community, to continue their own personal healing, and to assist others with their healing requests.

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