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2021 Setting Your Energies Ceremony

Sunday, December  20th, 1 - 5 pm via ZOOM
Monday, December 21st, 1 - 5 pm via ZOOM

2021: Catching the Waves of Coherent Radiance!

Please join me in Ceremony as we call forth the collective and personal energies of 2021: Catching the Waves of Coherent Radiance!  We are being called upon to strengthen our awareness and ability to sustain an expansive heart and mind, open to unimagined possibilities, and to resonate with th...

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2021 New Moon Clan Mother Circle

Calling all women into circle!  Registration now open for the 2021 monthly new moon circle for women seeking to explore the native feminine wisdom traditions together. 

These circles have been active since 1991 -- in different cities and ever changing participants, celebrating 30 years of putting these teachings into practice in daily life.

Full Moon Pipe Ceremony

VIA ZOOM Wednesday, December 2nd, 7:00 pm - Flower Eagle Medicine Lodge, Winston Salem, NC.  ALL ARE WELCOME.       
A Ceremony of Prayer for Harmony and Peace Benefitting All Sentient Beings     

You are invited to sit in ceremony with the Healing Circle to experience this ancient and powerful way of offering gratitude and prayer to Creator and to our Planetary Family. Instructions given to beginners.  This Ceremony of Prayer to Creator can be done smoking the pipe or simply holding the pipe.  Knickknick (herbal blend) or Cherokee Tobacco is used.   Learn mo...

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True Discernment Intensive Part I

VIA ZOOM  -- Monday, December 7th, 2020; 1 - 5 pm       
Sliding Scale $105-$135 due with pre-registration
Profiles will be delivered to you in advance

This intensive session is designed to streamline your communication with your Spirit Helpers/Guardian Angels in order to receive more accurate, insightful information through the spiritual perceptions of Intuition (Clairaudience), Feeling (Kinetic), Vision (Clairvoyance) and Prophecy (Inner Knowings). Through training and practice, we can unfold our innate psychic abilities to a deeper level, utilizing these perceptions in a more conscious way in our life. We can le...

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Butterfly Embodied: An Exploration of the Awakened, Cosmic Feminine Presence -- in 4 part harmony

These explorations of the Divine Feminine are each stand alone events; however all four taken together, if possible, will amplify their teachings and healing in your life.  These mini healing quests are designed for women only.  These immersions are for you if you are ready to:

*     invite the Feminine Presence more fully into your life and the world;
*     unfold more deeply your unique self-expression, gifts and talents to share with the world;
*     dance, drum, sing, create, and experience ceremony;
*     open your heart for a more love-centered life;
*    ...

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Resonance Healing Ceremony


Resonance Healing is a form of soul healing where certain resonances of stuck thought forms and emotions are identified and released through sound activation and shamanic healing work done on the energetic level to repair damaged DNA. These resonances are energy fields undulating with the core frequencies of fear, hatred, unresolved grief, separation and judgment in all their variations. During this healing session, identified personal and collective resonances will be transformed and released on a cellular level. You will also identify what you wish to create in your life to replace these d...

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Please contact Robin White Star directly by
email or phone 336.416.7553
with questions or to register for a specific event.

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