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2021 New Moon Clan Mother Circle

Calling all women into circle!  Registration now open for the 2021 monthly new moon circle for women seeking to explore the native feminine wisdom traditions together. 

These circles have been active since 1991 -- in different cities and ever changing participants, celebrating 30 years of putting these teachings into practice in daily life.

The medicine and wisdom of each Clan Mother is invoked through shamanic drumming and dreamtime journeys, opening our hearts to form close relationships with these Spirit Teachers who hold the traditions of Woman's Medicine for all women who desire to heal themselves and assist with the healing dreams that are creating the future of our global society.

We are moving into a Resonant Energy Field upon the planet that is honoring of the Feminine and all of Life, that transcends gender of female or male.  It is inclusive, cooperative, collaborative and circular in design.  The hierarchy of linear thinking is giving way to circular, spiraling thinking for the innovations needed and return to harmony of our Planetary Family that will be our salvation. 

If you have any questions or wish to register, please email White Star.

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Please contact Robin White Star directly by
email or phone 336.416.7553
with questions or to register for a specific event.

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