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  • Calling from the Heart: An Invitation to Your Soul Companion
    Calling from the Heart: An Invitation to Your Soul Companion

    Are you ready for an intimate, authentic, loving relationship with your Soul Companion – one that is heart-centered, spiritually healthy and healing? The Calling Ceremony works with time honored shamanic practices to heal and transform the limiting beliefs and fears that have hindered your Beloved from showing up. Embark on this sacred journey if you dare. It is dangerous work – you could end up being happy!

  • Medicine Ancestors CD
    Medicine Ancestors CD

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  • Teachings By Will Rockingbear
    Teachings By Will Rockingbear

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    Teachings for a Sweet 2013, 12/01/12 - last recording of Rockingbear
    We are the Ones We've Been Waiting For 10/28/11
    Teachings for Transformation 10/30/10
    Living Your Life as a Sacred Human Being, 11/20/09
    Teachings on Healing Fear, 4/20/09
    Respect within Community, 9/30/06
    Messages from Mother Earth, 4/22/06

  • Monetary Gifting
    Monetary Gifting

    If anything on this site has been helpful to you or you have received healing and assistance through a healing request and you wish to express your thanks in a monetary gift, it will be gratefully received.  The amount you gift is entirely at your discernment.  It is between you and Spirit.