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Twin Heart Dreaming

The Twin Heart Dreaming is a ceremony gifted by the 13 Original Clan Mothers to help those who wish to heal their hearts of old pain, hurts, fears of intimacy, emotional numbness, and/or grief. These unhealed wounds still fester, releasing pain and toxins into our bodies and lives, crippling our desire for intimate, authentic relationships with ourselves and others. Sometimes, the heart isn't even really there - given away through fear of losing someone and longing for union, or stolen in moments of betrayal and revenge. If this is the case, then when you are ready to reclaim your heart, it is retrieved and brought back to you, ready for further healing if need be.

The Heart Chakra is the connection between the physical and spiritual planes, the conscious and unconscious, the three lower and the three higher chakras. The Heart Chakra holds the true essence of who we are, without our social programming or fears and limitations. Opening and healing this Chakra gives your life and relationships a depth and intensity of joy that is the source of personal power and healing abilities. The healed healer is possible for us all.

During the Ceremony, the healing powers of the 13 Original Clan Mothers in the Turtle Council House are invoked to assist in your healing request. This is an opportunity to experience a deep and powerful healing to reclaim your heart - healed, whole and filled with light, joy and the courage to give and receive true love in your life.