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Calling Ceremony

Who do you want to call into your life as a soul companion, partner, lover, friend, spouse? This ceremony requires preparation and clarification of who you perceive yourself to be, who you are calling, how to recognize each other, what you are willing to do, and what you are willing to let go of, in order to create the space in your heart and life for the person you are calling to physically enter into relationship with you.

This is a Sacred Request that you make of Great Spirit/God/ Mother Goddess/Divine Source, to assist you in bringing forth into physical reality the relationship that you have always known was possible but couldn't quite realize. This is a ceremony of such clarity and union of thought, word and action, that it magnetizes and draws you and your soul companion together. It is never too late to experience a relationship whose foundation is one of deep respect, honesty and trust.
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Soul companions are connected at the soul/heart level, transcending social mores and common stereotypes. Your personal likes and dislikes then take a back seat to the spiritual compatibility you experience together. The purpose of any relationship is to heal each other. When you are in relationship with your soul companion, you each help the other to be more than what you are when by yourself. Your soul companion reflects the positive, good, loving and expanding aspects of the Real You so you can see yourself more clearly. This is the healing you can do for each other, showing each other who you truly are -full of the wonder, joy, laughter and excitement of being a spiritual being in a physical body, learning and growing in consciousness, while loving each other.

After the preparation is completed, when both you and I know that you are ready, we work with the Fire to call your soul companion to you. You meet together in the Flames of Clarity so you can energetically recognize each other on the physical plane. Once you have met each other through the Fire, you surrender to Great Spirit to help you both be in the right place at the right time to physically come together. When meeting your soul companion for the first time or the 50th, Divine Plan has already been activated to assist you through any hurdles or circumstances that need to be taken care of so you can come together. It's a magical sacred trust and covenant among your soul companion, Spirit and you. The Calling Ceremony is a way of dreaming your life into being - consciously choosing an intimate, authentic relationship with your Beloved.