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Butterfly Embodied: An Exploration of the Awakened, Cosmic Feminine Presence -- in 4 part harmony

These explorations of the Divine Feminine are each stand alone events; however all four taken together, if possible, will amplify their teachings and healing in your life.  These mini healing quests are designed for women only.  These immersions are for you if you are ready to:

*     invite the Feminine Presence more fully into your life and the world;
*     unfold more deeply your unique self-expression, gifts and talents to share with the world;
*     dance, drum, sing, create, and experience ceremony;
*     open your heart for a more love-centered life;
*     heal your fear-based thoughts
*     honor our Mother Earth, honor our Mother in all her guises, honor yourself as her daughter 

Held at Flower Eagle Medicine Lodge via Zoom. RSVP and payment through Venmo to robin-lynne-1 or contact White Star at or 336/416-7553 for alternative payment options and location address.  If you have questions, do not hesitate to inquire.  RSVPs required


2021 Schedule to be Announced

Sliding scale $55 - $75.00; payment holds your seat


In this gathering of women, we invoke SHE OF A THOUSAND NAMES -- the divine, original Feminine Presence --  through drumming, dreaming, dancing, poetry, artistic expression, naming and claiming, creating altars, shrines, and invitations.  SHE reveals herself to each of us in slightly different form, different name, asking of us something in return to be in divine connection with HER; with Love, without Fear.  We will invite:


Our Lady of the Inner Gate: She guides us in initiation into the power of our own hearts 

Our Lady of Passion: blesses and awakens the passion of our hearts so we consciously and fully remember our divine purpose



2021 Schedule to be announced

Sliding scale $55 - $75.00; payment holds your seat


In this gathering of women, we open our hearts through LOVE LETTERS TO HER, with an outpouring of love, gratitude and acknowledgement of HER, in all her guises in our life, an inner and outer expression of our devotion, dedication and delight through all manner of creative, artistic expressions and prayers --  simple and clear, sweet and sincere.  Giving back to the Holy, we are recharged with HER divine light and love; with Connection to Source, without Compromise. We will invite:


Our Lady of the Whispering Heart: clears our heart of interferences so we can hear the whispers of our heart

Our Lady of Divine Presence: assists us to experience the changes in our life with grace, surrendering to Her presence working through us



2021 Schedule to be Announced

Sliding scale $55 - $75.00; payment holds your seat


In this gathering of women, we revel in THE GREAT FEAST from inside the Spiral of Light and Dark, energetically suckling from the Mother Goddess, discovering our true nourishment, our true belonging, rightfully claiming our breath, our embodiment in time and space, and our wholeness through this communion.  SHE succors us in times when we feel lack, to give us strength, agility, grace and beauty to become our fullest, truest expression of ourselves; with Trust, without Hesitation. We will invite:


Our Lady of the Holy Fire: shows us how to sip from the holy fire of the Goddess to be restored physically and spiritually

Our Lady of Nourishment:  shows us how to fulfill our hungers so that we may know true fullness and delight




2021 Schedule to be Announced

Sliding scale $55 - $75.00; payment holds your seat


In this gathering of women, we stretch our wings through EMERGENCE, an expansion of living authenticity  in our everyday lives, an act of becoming on the next level of the Spiral, as we energetically step more fully into our personal power and light.  Infusing our intelligent light being with our individual beauty, we become irresistible to HER and to Life itself.  We celebrate ourselves and each other in our fullness, surrendering to the rebirth and renaissance that is part of our evolution: as women, as humans and as intelligent beings of light. We will invite:


Our Lady of Radiant Grace: calls in Her grace so we may live wildly and expansively

Our Lady of Becoming: She is the holy hand that unveils our light to pour across the world


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Please contact Robin White Star directly by
email or phone 336.416.7553
with questions or to register for a specific event.

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