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2021 Setting Your Energies Ceremony

Sunday, December  20th, 1 - 5 pm via ZOOM
Monday, December 21st, 1 - 5 pm via ZOOM

2021: Catching the Waves of Coherent Radiance!

Please join me in Ceremony as we call forth the collective and personal energies of 2021: Catching the Waves of Coherent Radiance!  We are being called upon to strengthen our awareness and ability to sustain an expansive heart and mind, open to unimagined possibilities, and to resonate with the unified field of our true nature -- a being of irresistible radiant light and grace.  By becoming more skillful in catching these waves of cosmic awareness and awakening, we will co-create a new reality with wild joy and appreciation of our equal partnership with all beings in the Circle of Life.

Dolphin and Obsidian are our allies for 2021.

Dolphin invites us to play in the waves, riding the unified whole spectrum of light and energy, together with all those who wish to explore and revel in the Manna of Life.  Dolphin reminds us to breath, to dive deep, experience the depths of our cosmic awareness, and return filled with the radiance of our true nature aligned and attuned to Great Mystery. Obsidian holds the black, shimmering light of the universal fabric of Life Loving Life, healing us to experience harmony within and without.   Together, these Allies can be called upon to assist us in becoming more skillful, loving and responsive.

In this ceremony, we dream with Becomes Her Vision, Clan Mother of the 13th Moon Cycle who helps us to remember how to blossom and flower into our Healed Healer self, responsive and mindful of who we truly are as a Sacred Human Being. You'll reqroup 2020, sifting through your personal experience to discover and bundle the gems of wisdom earned, what is becoming and emerging on your journey of self-realization, and attunement with all Life. Then you will set your energies for 2021 and each month through creating an energetic braid whose strands comprise an Intuitive Key Word, an Animal Totem and a Sacred Path of Indigenous Traditions. The braid informs and supports us as we personally surf the incoming waves of the collective consciousness.

Dreaming with the shamanic drum beat, we move toward lucid living, recognizing that our life is a ceremony. Moving past compartmentalization, competition and corruption into Coherence - the Unified Whole - where our Radiance is the gift we give to Life with grace and ease.

The ceremony is offered in two separate sessions (CHOOSE ONE):

Sunday, December  20th, 1 - 5 pm
Monday, December 21st, 1 - 5 pm 

This ceremony is currently being offered only through ZOOM.

RSVPs with payment are required. This Ceremony is open to all - women, men and families are welcome to be in ceremony together. Suggested gifting:  $20 - $35 per person. 

Instructions and zoom link sent upon RSVP

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