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2021: The Year of

Catching the Waves of Coherent Radiance

Allies: Dolphin and Obsidian

As quantum physics and ancient shamanic wisdom streams grow ever closer, there is a fresh perspective of our place in the Universe. In our little corner of our Solar System, we are now poised within our Milky Way Galaxy to directly receive the gamma rays and x-rays coming from its center – what in indigenous wisdom is called Black Light.

This Black Light consists of wave after wave of coherent (unified wholeness) radiance. These waves are coming whether we are ready or not! Fortunately, increased awareness and ability to naturally align is also held within these waves as every cell in our body, every member of our Planetary Family, Mother Gaia and every celestial body opens to receive the sustenance of this coherent radiance software upgrade to our physical and energetic DNA.

We are personally and globally experiencing an awakening to our true light-based reality in this Age of Aquarius, as we experience the contractions and expansions of birthing this Golden Age for the next 10,000 years!!

You are one of the billions of people on our Earth.  Our Earth orbits the Sun in our Solar System.  Our Sun is one star among the billions in the Milky Way Galaxy.  Our Milky Way Galaxy is one among the billions of galaxies in our Universe.  You are unique in the Universe! You are a gift to the world and now is the time to freely share your gifts. Be brave! The time is now!

To catch and ride these waves of coherent radiance requires listening – deep listening – to our hearts and soul desires. It invites our bravery to keep expanding into the field of love without fear, where our innate gifts to the world are seeded and bloom. It invites us to shift from a linear, hierarchal social system, dismantling white supremacy, male supremacy, profit supremacy and human supremacy over the planet and all the beings that call it home. It invites us to embrace a circular, cooperative, collaborative spiraling of sharing our unique talents, skills and abilities with mutual benefit, reciprocity, respect and honoring.

We know how to do this. We are re-membering how to live in harmony with one another and equally with all beings in our Planetary Family – the creepy crawlers, the winged ones, the finned ones, the four leggeds, the stone people, plant people, tree people, water beings, all the elementals, our Mother Gaia. We embrace diversity and equality to catch these waves with grace and ease, effort and desire.

Dolphin and Obsidian are our Allies for this trip around the Sun. Dolphin carries the medicine of riding the waves with joy, plunging to the depths to be spiritually fed and rising to the surface to breathe and share the wisdom gained, to take in life force, accepting the gift of useable energy to touch the invisible. Obsidian is volcanic glass, traveling from the dark depths of Mother Earth, carrying the black light that is the fabric of the Universe, holding a relational field to one another for healing, for remembering, for a return to living fully the ancient wisdom streams that come from the Mother.

These 2021 available energies are fluidly riding on the back of the 2020 energies of “Dancing the Spiral of Light and Dark” with the allies of Swan and Shiva Shell (spiral), so you may still hear the trumpeting of Swan in your journeys and explore the lemmniscate (infinity/figure 8/mobius strip) to integrate the beauties and necessities of the light and dark, equal and complimentary, never oppositional.

You are invited to journey, to listen, to dream with these allies and energy streams, to receive the healing and awakening, to become the Gift you truly are, to be You!

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