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Intuitive Reading

As a trained Seer, able to travel in the Spirit World with my Spirit Guides and Totems, I can look and see what is really going on with any given situation that you are experiencing in your life. What we normally see manifested is just the tip of the iceberg, while the rest is mostly hidden from view in the Spirit World. With a specific request and permission to enter your spiritual life, I look to see the true reality of the situation, sharing with you a greater understanding and clarity pertaining to your request. Some areas frequently asked about are spiritual contracts between yourself and another, past life influences, relationship issues, spiritual purpose, current challenges with work or money, spiritual lessons connected to illness or disease, etc.

The more clear and specific your request, the deeper I can go to obtain the needed information and guidance. I am a firm believer and teacher in unfolding your own psychic perceptions and ability to go within for your own answers. But we all benefit from help sometimes when we are too emotionally involved or so blocked by what is happening in our life that we cannot get the full picture or details we need. Then I will go and look for you, working with you so that you become clearer and more detached, releasing the confusion and mental fatigue that has clouded your own innate ability. With renewed understanding, you can then move forward in your life, with wisdom and inner security that you are aligned and balanced.