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Cutting Ceremony

There are two types of Cutting Ceremony. One requires an experienced shamanic healer to discern and cut the energetic chords between you and another person. The other involves your active participation to cut cords that bind you that originated with you.

In the first type of Cutting Ceremony, we identify and sever any attachments or energy cords between you and another being, whether in a physical body or in the spirit world, in place for the purpose of draining energy from you. Like a straw in a glass of water, the energy cord is in place so that whenever an attached being wants some energy, it can do so easily.

Some symptoms of energy attachments are increased fatigue, persistent soreness or pain in a localized place on your body, overall poor health, a feeling of being drained of life force, depression, little or no energy for creative or self-nurturing pursuits. Attachments may result from loved ones who feel they are loving you by restricting your energy levels so you can't do what they don't want you to do; loved ones or others who have a sense of entitlement to some of your energy because you love them or owe them for some reason; galactic bullies who will take energy from you when you are vulnerable, weak or unprotected, or they take energy from people who are helpful and nice to everyone - who can't say no easily; or someone from this life or another life who has a grudge against you or wants revenge or retaliation for some real or imagined hurt.

Sometimes the attachment is from a past relationship, especially if the relationship involved physical intimacy, and the other person has had a hard time letting go of the relationship once it ended. When we have sexual relations with a partner it creates an energetic connection that can become an attachment due to yearning, jealousy, revenge or unrequited love.

When these attachments are cut, it opens up an opportunity for a new way of being in relationship with yourself and others. After the Cutting Ceremony, people have reported feeling released from bondage, forgiveness, increased energy levels, more personal power, feelings of renewed hope, joy, lightness - like a burden has been removed.

The second type of Cutting Ceremony involves habits; feelings or agreements that you are ready to let go of, that you want to release or cut from your life because they are no longer serving you. You may be ready to let go of fear, hurt, anger, guilt, shame, etc. or break an old habit, addictive behavior or agreement so you can truly make a new one. Your active participation is necessary to make the cutting effective. You then choose a specific intention, action, thought or feeling to replace what you have just cut from your life. During a shamanic drumming, the drum helps you hold the new energetic resonance in your energy field so true change can occur with grace and ease. It doesn't have to be hard - unless you want it to be! The universe doesn't support a vacuum so once something is let go, it will be replaced immediately. It's up to you whether you replace it with a conscious choice of well-being, balance, and healing or passively accept whatever may be floating by at the time. These types of cuttings may be repeated as needed as you go deeper in your healing and uncover more cords or threads that are keeping you tied in knots.