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Intentional Healing

Intentional Healing is a clear-channel healing process where divine healing energy is directed for a specific physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual healing request. The more specific and clear the request for healing, the deeper the healing. Often the very act of becoming clear about your request is half the healing. As the healing progresses, you will be asked to talk with your body or the part of you that is experiencing pain or dis-ease, to listen to what the message is all about. Pain and dis-ease manifest in the physical body to get your attention! It's your wake-up call that there is an imbalance physically, emotionally or spiritually, and usually all three at the same time. What is the message your body is trying to tell you? What do you need to do or stop doing in order to restore balance, harmony and well-being to your physical body, mental processes and spiritual life? What is the teaching? How is this imbalance an answer to your prayer so that you can experience and learn what you need to in order to transcend and transform yourself and your life?
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With the assistance of Sacred Feathers, Healing Stone Beings, the Singing Bowl and/or Shamanic Drumming, you receive the insight and guidance needed to fully hear and understand how to re-balance and harmonize your energetic auric field to bring about true healing. Illness, fear, anger and other devastating feelings carry a low and heavy vibration or resonance. Through Intentional Healing, your energetic body is cleared, transforming the resonance to a higher, clearer vibration, full of lightness, sheer joy and at-one-ment. This sense of well-being and harmony will continue to shift the physical effects of the imbalance as you continue to heal yourself and others.