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Soul Healing

A Soul Healing Circle is an opportunity to heal and release souls who are stuck between the worlds and who are connected to you through past life and current life experiences. These souls speak through a Soul Healer who goes into a light trance, allowing their vocal cords to be used so the soul can express themselves and receive an understanding of how to release their confusion and go with their lights (spirit helpers). With this healing opportunity, past hurts, misunderstandings, need for revenge, betrayal, unexpressed love, etc. can be resolved, healed, forgiven and released. Sometimes the soul needs to hear from you an apology, forgiveness, or other expression of resolution.

Soul Healing Circles are currently offered in Winston-Salem, Asheville and the Chapel Hill area on an ongoing basis. It is recommended that you attend 8 circles as a series in order to "go around the wheel" for your personal healing.

Suggested fee is $20.00 per healing.