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Dreaming Ceremony

Dreaming the Healing Medicine Bowl Ceremony is an all-night ceremony for dreaming, healing and reconnecting to your Truest Self. Come dream with the Clan Mothers to create, magnetize and manifest the dreams that are waiting (patiently?!?) to be birthed in your life. Together in ceremony we re-create the Healing Medicine Bowl, the container that holds our unbirthed dreams, guiding us toward healing so our dreams can be born with grace and ease. Together with the other dreamers, you will forge a deeper bond with Looks Far Woman, Guardian of the Dreamtime, along with the Dreamtime Messengers -- Dolphin, Lizard, Swan and Dragonfly -- so you can touch, taste, smell, feel and see your unconscious dreams, graciously relinquishing the ego’s desire to control so your dreams can manifest consciously in the physical world. Come dream the Medicine Dreams to heal yourself, your family, your community and the world. The Iroquois call the dream world the "Real World." This is where our reality is created. Become a Creator.

Dreaming is our natural state of being, whether we are asleep or awake. Dreaming utilizes all our gifts, talents and abilities - we essentially COME ALIVE when we are dreaming, igniting and maintaining the flame of creation, hope and soul desire. This ceremony will help you become more skillful at lucid dreaming, active dreaming and manifestation through daydreams. This ceremony is open to all dreamers - new and experienced. All you need is an open heart and open mind. Come with a dream that you wish to realize more fully in your life and bring dream seeds (a physical expression of your dream) to help connect your dream with the other dreamers and the physical realm. The ceremony begins around sunset and ends at sunrise. Bring a potluck dinner dish to share as we begin our ceremony with a feast. Breakfast to end the ceremony is provided. Bring a blanket or two or a sleeping bag, several floor pillows, a dream journal or notebook, pen, flashlight, small clear class votive candle holder with 4 small votive candles, spill-proof water bottle, and a bowl or basket in which to receive the dreamers' dream seeds (around 6" - 8" diameter). More information about the dream seeds upon registration.