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Native Spirituality Circle

The Wednesday Circle explores native spirituality and healing for healers who wish to be guided and trained in the shamanic traditions. This is a circle for healers to do their healing work within a community, to continue their own personal healing, and to assist others with their healing requests. It is a weekly commitment to show up, be present and do the personal and planetary healing work that is before us.

Healing requests are accepted, either in person or via remote healing, with the understanding that you are actively participating in your own healing request. This circle isn't interested in "fixing" a particular problem but rather assisting you in the deeper healing issues associated with any physical, emotional or spiritual imbalance manifesting in your life. We ask that your request be specific and that you agree to do whatever work you need to do in your life in order for your healing to move forward. Remember, nothing happens until a request has been made. This circle is here to be of assistance to you on your path of well-being and healing.