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Wednesday, June 27th, 7:00 pm - Flower Eagle Medicine Lodge, Winston Salem, NC.  ALL ARE WELCOME.  
Come experience this ancient and powerful Ceremony and Celebration! Instructions given to beginners.  This Ceremony of Prayer to Creator can be done smoking the pipe or simply holding the pipe.  Knickknick (herbal blend) or Cherokee Tobacco is used.   Learn more about the Beauty Way so your life becomes a Path of Peace, Beauty and Joy!  Offer your prayers for this new Fifth World of Peace and Enlightenment with others in community.  We offer this ceremony monthly on the Wednesday closest to the full moon except during holiday weeks.  Mark your calendars with the 2018 dates: 7/25, 8/22, 9/26, 10,24, 11/21, and 12/19



Sunday, July 1st, 3 pm start, 2:45 arrival; RSVP required.  FULL 

Wednesday, August 1st, 7 pm start, 6:45 arrival; RSVP required

Wednesday, September 5th, 7 pm start, 6:45 arrival; RSVP required

Sliding scale:  $25 - $40; Flower Eagle Medicine Lodge, Winston Salem, NC

Resonance Healing is a form of soul healing where certain resonances of stuck thought forms and emotions are identified and released through sound activation and shamanic healing work done on the energetic level to repair damaged DNA. These resonances are energy fields undulating with the core frequencies of fear, hatred, violence, division and confusion in all their variations. During this healing session, identified personal and collective resonances will be transformed and released on a cellular level. You will also identify what you wish to create in your life to replace these damaging resonances — high vibration frequencies that will be held and nurtured to take root within your energy fields.

This healing is accomplished in a group setting, through the use of sound activation — indigenous percussion, wind, and string instruments along with singing bowls, gongs and bells. Voice is also used to transmit and focus certain energies to shift the stuck energy pattern. These resonances are tied to our personal traumas and belief systems, to lineage cords that have been passed down through the generations, and collective patterns that keep the "pain body" alive. Your task will be to open yourself for the shift to occur, being receptive and willing to replace one resonance for another. During the sound activation you are welcome to lie down or remain seated.

We can heal ourselves, our families and our world through a conscious exploration of these limiting resonances in order to shift and release them, allowing a new frequency to come forth that will hold a higher resonance. The time is now and this is one way to effect the changes we are longing to see for ourselves and others.

Plan on arriving no later than 15 minutes early to set up your seat. Once the healing begins, no further admittance is allowed. Once you have registered, pay attention to what comes into your life – though dreams, overheard conversations or animals crossing your path – it’s all part of the healing. Also, be mindful of any energies that interfere with you coming to the Resonance Healing to try to keep you stuck. This is not common but has been known to occur. Your inner authority and desire to heal is all that’s needed to overcome any inertia or interference.




Saturday August 4th, 10 am - 2 pm - Flower Eagle Medicine Lodge.  This Ceremony is offered through Monetary Gifting if you have made a drum with me; otherwise it is a sliding scale of $55 - $75.00 which includes all rattle making supplies and instruction

Rattles, as agents of the Wind People, shake up stuck energy patterns, communicate our intentions to the rest of Creation and create energetic containers for healing and transformation.  We will call upon the Medicine Ancestors to dream the shape and size of your rattle being -- gaining insight into the medicine and vibrations your Rattle will carry.  As your relationship with your rattle deepens through use, you will gain a clearer understanding of your own medicine, skills and abilities.  A comprehensive “to bring” list will be sent upon RSVP -- deadline to register is July 28th.



Wednesday June 20th, 7 pm - Flower Eagle Medicine Lodge.  Monetary Gifting for ceremony is appropriate and appreciated

Celebrate the longest day of the year!  We honor the solar energies -- the Divine Masculine -- within us all, that protecting, nurturing and unconditional love.  Whatever has been limiting your expression of the Divine Masculine in your life - whether the beliefs in competition, action over nonaction, following orders, or hierarchical structures, you can give away to the Fire all that is no longer serving you in your life.  Write it down, draw or paint it, or fashion a 3D representation of what you are releasing. Anything you give to the Fire needs to be fully burnable -- no plastics, glass or metal.  For instance, at my first Fire Ceremony I had made a bundle of cedar wood hearts, tying them all together and wrapping them tight with string to represent how I had been keeping my heart behind a fence, unavailable to myself or others.  When I worked with the Fire and offered my bundle, I was making an agreement with Spirit to open my heart, reclaim my vulnerability and honor my heart instread of defensively protecting it.  So many positive changes occurred in my life after that ceremony.  Take the time to discern what is your biggest limitation for you now -- what is weighing you down the most and dishonoring the Divine Masculine -- and that is what you give away to the Fire for transformation into useable energy.  Ground chairs available or bring a camp chair, dress appropriately for the weather. RSVP's requested by not required.



Scheduled upon request - Flower Eagle Medicine Lodge, Winston Salem, NC  

Sliding Scale $95-$125 due with registration

This intensive session is designed to streamline your communication with your Spirit Helpers/Guardian Angels in order to receive more accurate, insightful information through the spiritual perceptions of Intuition (Clairaudience), Feeling (Kinetic), Vision (Clairvoyance) and Prophecy (Inner Knowings). Through training and practice, we can unfold our innate psychic abilities to a deeper level, utilizing these perceptions in a more conscious way in our life. We can learn to go beyond the personal ego which filters or colors our impressions so we can truly trust that what we are picking up is "right." We can create a clear link even when emotionally invested in the outcome, fearful or experiencing panic or confusion. You will receive 2 profiles - Personal Energy, which gives you a blueprint of your spiritual sensitivity and energy distribution, and Psychic Unfoldment, which gives you personal information about your spirit helpers, psychic perceptions and purpose in life. 

Pre-registration Required as I need to check your profile information ahead of time



Scheduled Upon Request - Flower Eagle Medicine Lodge, Winston Salem, NC  

Monetary Gifting

Part II of the True Discernment Intensive is designed to respond to the needs and desires of participants in order to go deeper into clear communication with their Spiritual Guidance and utilizing their Spiritual Gifts in everyday situations.  New techniques presented help open your gifts of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Kinetic Feeling and Prophecy.  Q&A session to address topics that you wish to go into more deeply.  Prerequisite:  To have worked with the material from True Discernment Part I for at least 6 months.